Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A day at the Ranch

Nature, wildlife and good old home cooking is what you will find at Agriturismo al Ranch. The ranch is nestled in the hills of Budoia. Only 45 minutes outside of Treviso located in the Fruli-Venezia-Giulia Region.

We attended the "Western B Games" on Sunday, and what fun it was to watch people of all ages compete in barrel racing and completing an obstacle course with their horses. I learned that day, it's not as easy as it looks. 

Later, we walked around the ranch and met a few friends...

She was a little camera shy :) 

And just around the corner...

Lunch! Just kidding. Roosters :) 

My two favorite Men, Snapper and Marco :) 

Introducing Snapper - a friendly, smart fellow... ready to ride :) 

Last but not least... 

 The Oregon... No, no the Italian Trail... 

I've never had a dull moment at the Ranch. It is definitely one of my favorite places to visit. When I go to the Ranch, I feel like I am walking on the set of an old western..  Italy meets America's Old West.  Good friends, Good food and of course Good Vino :) 

Friday, September 9, 2011

One of my favorite things to do

On Tuesday's and Saturday's of every week, Treviso is filled with hundreds of stands filled with Fresh Fruit ( Frutta)  and Veggies ( Verdura) , Fish ( Pesce) , Bread ( Pane). And of course thousands of people.

I love nothing more than spending Saturday Mornings at the Mercato ( Market). It is one of my favorite things to do, and every week I look forward to it.

Spending quality time with my husband, mother in law and my aunt at the Mercato.

All things lovely in Treviso

I couldn't be happier to call Treviso my new city. A small, beautiful  quaint city also known as the  city of water due to the number of canals around every corner of this charming town.  Treviso is a lovely city and well worth a visit, sadly it is overlooked by many. 

My beautiful city by night :) 

Driving in Italy

Within the first two days of my arrival, I decided to buy a car. So.. I bought a Volvo V70 Diesel.

  It was a good deal and I am slowly learning it is a great car. Learning how to drive a stick shift is one thing, but learning how to drive a stick shift in Italy is another story. Attempting  to drive in Italy requires a whole  lot of patience, not only from my husband or myself  but for all the other drivers in Italy having to be behind me while driving :)  I've already learned that that's the one thing that drivers in Italy don't have and that is Patience. Surely, I am very tempted to put the letter "P" on the back of my window. When viewed by other drivers, they know that this person (ME) is "Practicing" and if they feel the need to pass me at anytime they are more than welcome too.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

All things Lovely in Italy

I cannot believe that I have been living in Italy for two months already. Wow. The life in Italy is slow yet the time seems to pass so quickly. A short but sweet story of what brought me to Italy. An international Love affair. I have been fortunate enough to have met an amazing man in 2007 in California.
In 2010 we reunited in Canada and on August 6th 2011, we were married in Treviso, Italy. Reunions are the best.

I am starting a whole new book in my life. Forget a chapter. I am an American living in Italy, a foreign country, a newlywed and I am one hundred percent certain, this was the best decision of my life. This blog is about my life and all things lovely in Italy.

Welcome family and friends :)