Friday, September 9, 2011

All things lovely in Treviso

I couldn't be happier to call Treviso my new city. A small, beautiful  quaint city also known as the  city of water due to the number of canals around every corner of this charming town.  Treviso is a lovely city and well worth a visit, sadly it is overlooked by many. 

My beautiful city by night :) 


  1. Very pretty Em -- glad you are sharing your new life in Italy with us ;o)

  2. These photos make me so nostalgic, Treviso surely is amazingly beautiful.

  3. Thank you for your compliments. Sorry, it makes you feel like so. Come back! I checked out your blog. Wow, I am happy to say you have a great idea. I think it's great to spread the word about seeing Treviso and all of it's wonders.