Friday, September 9, 2011

Driving in Italy

Within the first two days of my arrival, I decided to buy a car. So.. I bought a Volvo V70 Diesel.

  It was a good deal and I am slowly learning it is a great car. Learning how to drive a stick shift is one thing, but learning how to drive a stick shift in Italy is another story. Attempting  to drive in Italy requires a whole  lot of patience, not only from my husband or myself  but for all the other drivers in Italy having to be behind me while driving :)  I've already learned that that's the one thing that drivers in Italy don't have and that is Patience. Surely, I am very tempted to put the letter "P" on the back of my window. When viewed by other drivers, they know that this person (ME) is "Practicing" and if they feel the need to pass me at anytime they are more than welcome too.


  1. I love this Emily!! I look forward to many more adventurous posts from you!! Ciao!! Katie

  2. Great job Em!! This will be fun!! Ciao! Love MOM