Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The "Italian" Dream

The Italian Dream 

Everyone is in search of a dream or trying to make their dream into their reality. For some, it is to leave their "home" country and have a life in a "new" country. Some Italians are searching or wanting the "American" Dream, and me? I am searching for the "Italian" Dream. The simple day to day life where planning is not a necessity.  I am in the process or transition of finding that balance, adapting  to a my new adopted country, learning how to speak and write fluently  in Italian all while trying to maintain who I truly am. 

I have lived in Italy for roughly four months now. There are so many things that I had given up to live in a country like Italy, and a city like Treviso. Treviso is not worldly known as Florence, Rome or Venice. Just as beautiful and rich in history, but very few Americans or other expats are living the "Italian" dream in Treviso.   The hardest part  for me was giving up the comfort of my family. Having my family 9,000 miles away can take quite a toll on one. Sometimes, my days are spent with nervousness and anxiety. Realizing and accepting the fact that  I am no longer on a vacation, but am actually living abroad. Sometimes I feel a rush of panic. It can often be scary living in a foreign country where everything is different. As above, I am still in the process of finding that balance. Thankfully, there is the Modern Technology and I can see and write to my family whenever I want. Thank you, Apple :) 

I am finding out who I truly am, what I want in my life and who I want to surround myself with. I have a fresh start for a "new" way of living. Life is definitely different here. Some good things, some not so good. It is what it is, in the words of my mother.  Finalmente, I am living my dream, taking the good with the bad. Most importantly  I am LIVING my dream, not daydreaming anymore :) The Italian Dream is no longer a dream of mine BUT  a reality :) 

                                                              Me in my adopted country :) 


  1. auguri bella! time flies when you are having fun--- has been 27 years for me and I still adore it-- there are snags---- like any affair with a loved one- but totally worth it

  2. Actually those are the words of your Grandfather! I'm happy for you that you get to realize your dreams. It's something everyone should do!

  3. Thanks so much, Judy. The four months, I've been here has gone pretty fast. You are such an inspiration.
    Thanks so much, Mom. I always thought those were your words.. Haha!! xoxo

  4. look great in the picture. I am really happy for you :)