Tuesday, October 25, 2011

L'Italia e unica nel mondo

I have officially settled into my adopted city. After four months, I am still not tired of Polenta and Prosecco.  I am learning a lot about the culture here in Treviso. As, I've  learned even though Italy is a culture in its own, each region, each city has it's own cultural aspect of difference that  varies from region to region, city to city. There are so many differences between Americans and Italians. Just, last night I caught myself shrugging my shoulders when I was trying to prove a point to my husband, and him finally agreeing with me. I said " E cio" (shrugging my shoulders) which means "Oh, yes" Shrugging your shoulders or using your hands to talk are all things Italian. Italian's are known for using their body to do the talking. 

One of the differences in Italy is the Laundry system. 

Laundry takes a very long time. There is no such thing as procrastinating, taking your time and putting your laundry in the dryer or putting it in the dryer to get the wrinkles out? Nope, not here. You have to plan accordingly. Which means for me, I have to schedule a whole day to be home just to do my laundry. The washing machine takes anywhere from 1 to 2 hours. Everything must be hung dry. It is not so much of a problem in the summer, as the temperatures are so warm, clothes are dried in hours. I can do 3 or 4 loads of washed and dried clothes in one day, in the summer.  It is however, quite different in the crisp, fall mornings, and I am assuming it only gets  worse in the winter. Maybe, you are wondering what I do when it rains? You can find my freshly washed clothes on the thermals ( heaters) in my home.  Thankfully I have bought a portable clothes stand in Italian known as stenti biancheria.  Which I can leave inside when it rains or snows. Clothes only take about 2 or 3 days to dry completely when in my home. Only. But with this difference, I'd like to say, I am more patient and more organized( however, my husband would tell you otherwise).

Here is a picture of the type of clothes stand that I use. Not quite the same but silimiar in design. Don't forget the clothes pins. Another good reason to start hanging drying your clothes, saves on energy and money :) 

Here is something I think the Grocery Stores in California would be better off with. 

Here, in Italy, if you want to use a shopping cart, you need to pay 50 cents, or one euro. Don't worry you will get it back when you return the cart. Maybe, there wouldn't be so many shopping carts gone missing. Plus, the carts are neatly placed back in the cart storage. The other one, why, California hasn't caught on yet? I don't know, maybe because you can't trust people or it just doesn't work the faith system in the US. In the produce department first, you always use a plastic glove that the supermercato supplies free for you. Makes sense, don't want to buy fruit or veggies that everyone has touched. Next,  you weigh the fruits and veggies yourself, on a scale that has numbers 1 to 100. You pick the number that corresponds with the fruit or veggie that you picked up and put the price tag on yourself. Creates less lines in the supermercato, and when at check out everything runs smoothly. 

 Here is a picture of the shopping Carts in Italy. Do you see the little black box, thats where you put your 50 cent or euro coin and then you get your shopping cart. Bring back your shopping cart to the same area and get your money back. 

Here is a picture of the produce scale. There are many different kinds of scales. This one, has the photos of the produce with the number for you. Makes it easier for you. Just put your bag of produce on the scale, select the number and a barcode prints out and you place it on your bag. It is that simple. 

One thing is for certain the Italian people are extremely passionate and uncomplicated people. It is a true joy to be surrounded by a culture that loves to love. I am learning to love again. Italians certainly aren't shy or  hide the love they have for one another. Hello Public displays of affection :) I have many personal experiences with my husband. I was told I am too shy. In america, it would be a different story, but I am in Italy so time to let go. Ha! 

L'Italia e unica nel mondo when translated means Italy is unique in the world. 

                                                   My husband and I on our wedding day. Baci 


  1. Great post !

    The photo of you and your husband is just gorgeous :)

    Laundry is something that I could not get used to. I am from the south and down there we do things very slowly but laundry by Italian standards was just to slow for me :/ My fidanzato fell in love with dryers when he first came to visit me in the states so when i moved here our first big purchase was a lovely dryer hahah

    The grocery system is spot on! This should really catch on in the states.

  2. This is fun to hear and see so much of your life in Italy! Keep the blogs coming!

  3. I couldn't agree with you more, Karla. And thanks for the compliment :)