Monday, October 24, 2011

Places I love ~ San Vito di Cadore

I love going to San Vito di Cadore. Italy is filled with so much beauty, nature and wonder. We decided to take a day trip and go for a hike in San Vito on a warm, August day. Only an hour and a half outside of Treviso.  How could you not fall in love with your surroundings in San Vito? 

 Our guide and friend, Ale.             
Our starting point

Hi ho ~ Hi ho ~ Up the trail we go ~ 

Mmmmm red currants  

Realizing just how out of shape we really are...LOL 

It's always nice to take a break and enjoy your surroundings.. 

Sometimes, you got to get your feet wet :) Crossing the River wasn't as easy as it looked. 

We had two stops before our final destination. Here, we are at stop #1. 

After, a refreshing glass of Prosecco... back on the trail again..

Which is harder hiking downhill or uphill?

                                                         We finally made it!!!!

The Baita Ciastel ~ What a great lunch we had!

View from our table

We had a great time exploring the wilderness of San Vito di Cadore. 


  1. Hi I'm Karla and new to your blog :)
    I enjoy reading about your positive experiences here in the bel paese and i can't wait to read more!

  2. Hi Karla,
    It is a pleasure to know you :) Thanks so much for your kind words. Are you near Treviso?

  3. Love the pictures Em. Makes me feel like I'm right there!

  4. Hey again! Im seeing this comment now. Sorry for my late reply :) I actually live just south of Rome . You are quite north i believe?

  5. Sorry Karla, I am just now responding to your comment. Ahh 6 days late. Scusa :( Anyhow, yes I am near Venice :)

  6. Amazing views over the Dolomite, I definitely must try it my self.