Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dinner Party

Saturday Night we hosted a dinner party at our home. 
The food was prepared by none other than Marco. What a great Chef he is, and yes we are in the finishing process of our cookbook. Stay tuned for the cookbook :) 

We were originally going to have a seafood night, but found out our cousin is pregnant and decided to make an all meat dinner. 

Il menu ~ 

Antipasto ~ Salami, Parmigiano, Olives and Fresh bread 
First Plate ~ Zuchinni, Bell Peppers, and Tomatoes stuffed with pork ground meat, salt, pepper, parsley, one egg, a dash of olive oil and finely chopped Radicchio di Treviso. Baked in the oven for one hour, sprinkled with Parmigiano - Reggiano. Buono! 
Second Plate ~ Spezzatino which is an Italian Stew (not pictured) 
Contorni ~ Polenta and Roasted Potatoes with rosemary, olive oil, and garlic. My personal favorite. 
Dolce ~ Ice Cream Cake 

Not bad for thinking of a menu for 6 in less than one day. 

Saturday Night was a great night with hearty food, great family and great wine. 
Another successful dinner party with family :) 


  1. Nice! I can smell the aroma from here! (I wish!)

  2. Hahahaha!!! Soon enough we will be back to visit and you WILL be able to smell the aroma :) xoxo