Tuesday, November 22, 2011

ho vinto!!

I was never much of a gambler or one to play the scratchers back in California. Maybe once or twice in a blue moon did I play the Big Spin scratcher.. Never won anything, maybe a dollar or two. 

That all changed when I came to Italy. My mother in law introduced me to the 10 Lotto here in Italy among  a variety of scratchers. The first week that I arrived in Italy, I played a miladario, which costs 5 euros and is a simple scratcher. Match any of the numbers with the 5 numbers on the top and when the amount. 

I thought to myself " What could I possibly lose?" So, I played. Maybe it was beginner's luck or a way of Italy saying "Welcome to your new adopted country" but I won 100 euros. I was pretty happy. On and off, I would play a miladario every week or so, or whenever I "felt" lucky. 

One day, my husband and I were doing some shopping in the center of Treviso, and decided to stop in a Tabacchi and buy a  miladario, so the first one, I won 5 euros, so I asked for another one. On the second miladario, I couldn't believe my eyes.. 

Ho vinto 500 euros. Yes, thats right I won 500 euros. 
Wow, I've never won that much money in my life. My husband was a different man that day, completely quite, not a word, and me, well, I was overwhelmed, ecstatic, and happy. I'll never forget the little old ladies watching me that day in the Tabacchi wondering why I was so happy, and probably trying to figure out what in the world I was yelling about. Ha! 

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