Thursday, December 22, 2011


Today marks 6 months since I have left the US of A soil. 
I can't believe I've been living in Italy for 6 months already. In a sense time truly has flown by. 

Taking a break to think about these past 6 months, I've come to realize as hard as it is to live 9,000 miles away from my family and friends; I still think it was the best decision for myself and for my future. 

Seven months ago, I had no job, no medical benefits, and not a whole lot of confidence in myself. 

Fast Forward, eight months : 

I have two jobs, I'm writing my very own first cookbook, and also writing a children's book about The Adventures of Harley in Italy ~ (my 4 month old mini poodle pup that I rescued) medical benefits, and so much more confidence in myself than I ever have had. 

It's never easy making changes in life. 
In MY case, change was good yet certainly not easy. 

Bittersweet because not a day goes by that I don't miss my family. Pretty normal, I think. 
Looking forward to the day, when I will return for a visit to my loving family and friends. 
Until than, looking at pictures will have to do : 

My Mother and I 

My Brother Randy and I 

 Another photo of Randy and I when we were younger

 My cousin Domenico and I 

 My beautiful Mother, Grandpa and myself 

 Mom and I 

My Grandfather, Pretty Betty and I 

When I go back to California taking pictures with ALL of the family is going to be first on the list. 
I've left out so many people ( picture wise). 

This blog entry is dedicated to my family and friends. 
Miss you all and love you bunches :) 


  1. Wow. Six months already. I too believe this was a good move for you, but hard nonetheless.

    And as your mother I wish nothing but happiness for you and rest assured we will see each other sooner than later!

    Miss and love you!

  2. I haven't seen you since you were a lil gal. But you have grown into a beautiful young woman!! So proud of you and your adventures...Live, Laugh, Learn, & always LOVE:)...Love & Peace, Colleen...

  3. Zio Steve and I are so proud of you. Building a new life in Italy with Marco is not easy but so rewarding. Marco's family seem very nice and supportive. You couldn't ask for matter where you lived.

  4. I am so happy for you Emily!! Funny about your book about Harley! I have been planning a book about Frankie and his adventures for a while. Wanted to make one for all the different places he goes. If you look on my facebook in the An Autumn Adventures Album you will see I already have a cover picture picked out =) Once I get some more time next year I want to work on it. Our pups could be famous! =)

  5. Thanks so much, Fallon!!! I think a book about your "jet setter" is a wonderful idea.. He has been everywhere.. I know what you mean, finding the time is the hardest part.. Our pups will be famous someday :) Going to check out his album cover now :) xo