Thursday, December 1, 2011


There are so many differences when comparing California to Italy. 
One of the BIG differences is in the Health System. Now, I must admit, I like the way the health system is ran over here in Italy far better than in California. Maybe, I've just had really bad luck with some doctors at Kaiser in California or I've been quite fortunate with the medical field here in Treviso. I did have one great doctor in California and was sad to hear that he would be retiring in a year or so when I was still living in California. Maybe, he will come to Italy for a visit when he retires. 

I have a personal private doctor here. He even gave me his personal cell number, just in case I have an emergency or need advice. 


Kaiser, you can call the 800 number and be on hold for hours just  to talk to an advice nurse. 

Another BIG difference is the Pharmacy VS Farmacia 

Each city in Italy is filled with Farmacia's. There isn't a Farmacia in the hospital. You can find them next door to a hospital in a separate building, but not inside the hospital. If you are in Italy and in need of an over the counter drug such as Nyquil, you won't find it in any supermercato, you must buy any type of drug or medicine in the Farmacia. That also goes for your pet's medication. Oddly enough, the Farmacia carries all the drugs or medicines for animals too. I found this out when last Saturday, we took Harley our new pup to the vet for a check up. Turned out Harley had worms, go figure from his previous living conditions, anyhow, the vet wrote a prescription and I was told to take it to the Farmacia. That is so interesting to me. I wonder if the pharmacists in Italy must have a great knowledge of medicines for animals as well as humans?  Hmmm.. 

I think it is a great idea to carry all of the medicines and drugs in the Farmacia, instead of a grocery store. I know sometimes, it can be a pain in the butt, as you would have to go to two separate places to buy  medicine, BUT there probably isn't as many problems with children, teenagers, and even adults overdosing on Nyquil or other drugs that can be bought in the supermarket in California. 

Italy is an ancient country and it's been around far longer than America. I certainly think America should start catching on and do as the Italians do. 

Oh, did I mention the health care is free here in Italy? If I hadn't had benefits in Kaiser, I would have been charged 600 dollars for a 30 day prescription of a medication that I take. Here in Italy, I pay 2 euros for one month. What a difference. 


  1. It's hard being 9,000 miles away from my only daughter. However there are a few things that make this are happy, you are following your dreams..and you have GREAT affordable healthcare! XOXO

  2. Thanks Mom, that is a HUGE reason why I choose to reside in Italy :) Thanks for all your support, Love and miss you:)