Tuesday, December 13, 2011

il mare d'inverno

We went to the coastal town of Caorle last Sunday. I've always wanted to see the mare in the winter. 

The forecast called for rain, rain, and more rain, so to say the least we really lucked out. It was a gorgeous day on the sea. Not a drop of rain, nor was it cold. I was a bit surprised as I am always cold, but not on that day by the sea. 

It was nice to have the sandy, wet beaches all to ourselves. In the summer, you would never find that. I remember going to Caorle one day in July and there must have been at least 600 people on the beach and in the water. 

On this day, it was also Harley's first trip to the sea. What a beach boy he is. He loved it. He frolicked in the sand, ran his little heart out, even went for a dip in the chilly water. 

 Harley, sitting patiently for the piece of driftwood to be thrown

 He loved running back and forth between Marco and I 

I couldn't believe how many sea shells I found. 
Quite a variety too. 

Next time, I'll have to bring a bucket to collect some. 
I've never seen so many different varieties like these above. 

Harley, taking a break and playing with a shell. 

Simply gorgeous winter day by the sea :) 
This is a photo of The Church of the Blessed Virgin of the Angel on the sea. 



  1. The only thing missing is the sound of the church bells!

  2. that's so beautiful You really have a great talent in taking photographs.. runs inthe family!

  3. Mom, did you see the video of Harley playing? You could hear the church bells ringing :) Yes, it sure does run in the family, Diana :) I've learned a thing or two. Thanks so much for the compliment cousin. xoxo