Saturday, December 17, 2011

Places I love ~ PETS!

Dedicated to all the animal LOVERS out there, including ME :) 

Last Sunday when we went to the sea in Caorle;  we discovered a pet store like no other. 
PETS! is situated in the center of Caorle, and less than a minute walking distance to the sea.

Now, back in the states we have many pet stores that are franchises such as Petssmart, Petco, Pet Club. Very rarely do you see a family owned Pet Store or a Pet store with knowledgable, passionate people working there. I found the perfect store for Pets in Caorle. 

The store is charming and packed with supplies for every animal including dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and hamsters. PETS! has quite a selection of everything you need and with affordable pricing also. Which is a plus as times are hard with the economy and all. 

I'll let the photos do the talking :) 

This is the front of the store, decorated and ready 
for Christmas. 

A closer look to see all the different kinds of goodies for your animal. 
Let the shopping begin :) 

PETS! is not only a pet store, but also a boutique store. They carry many upscale items for your pets as well. So you have quite a choice when it comes to buying things for your animals. 

~A beautiful handmade collar ~ 

 Look at all the choices for your pets :) 

A great selection of ONLY the best dog and cat food. 

 Meet Jolie 
She is the "mascot" for the PETS! store
and boutique. A friendly, lively Chinese Crested Pup. 
Isn't she a beauty?? 

Did I mention the owners Silvia and Nicola are also the judges for the dog and cat shows? Yes, they have all the knowledge of every breed of dog and cat. My experience was a pleasant one when I visited last Sunday. And yes, it is a little far from Treviso, but definitely worth the drive. Besides, look at the amazing view from stepping outside the store: 

Beautiful view from outside the store door. 

If you travel to Northern Italy be sure to visit PETS! you won't be disappointed. 

PETS! is located at 
Calle di Mezzo 2 ~ Fianco municipio Via Roma
Caorle (VE) Italy

Hours of operation in the Summer 
Monday thru Sunday 
930 to 1230 and 4pm to 1130pm

Hours of Operation in the Winter
Closed only on Monday
930 to 1230 and 330 to 7pm


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  1. Kody would have fun in there! Looks very upscale compared to our Pet Club!