Friday, December 30, 2011


Ciao a tutti :) 
Gosh, its been seven days since my last entry? Feels like forever.. Sorry guys. Just wanted to let you know that, my MacBook Pro decided to stop working.. Well, it all began with iPhoto, and than the other programs decided to follow.. Quite strange, I thought for a laptop that I purchased brand new 6 months ago. So, long story short, I haven't been blogging much do to my laptop not functioning correctly. 

I can't wait until my laptop is fixed and is back to working once again, because BOY do I have so many things to tell you all about.. It's been a busy week for me.. 

Just a few things to write about : 

Christmas in Italy ~ What is was really like~ 
Just around the river bend....A walk along the Piave, a river that goes for miles and what interesting creatures we saw. 
New Years in Italy ~ Well, that will be tomorrow.. 
Next week, Marco and I will be going to the mountains.. San Vito di Cadore to be exact. Looking forward to that. Don't worry, my camera still works, so I'll be taking plenty of photos. 

Fingers crossed for a fast recovery for my Mac~ 




  1. can't wait to see your pictures. i just got a mac book pro for christmas. i find the operating system confusing! i guess i will get used to it. hope yours is fixed soon! buon anno! lisa

  2. Thanks so much Lisa :) It is confusing at first. I was using windows all my life, so when i bought the MAC i was a bit confused.. I love my Mac even tho it decided to stop. But thankfully it is a hardware issue and it is covered in the 1 year limited warranty. I love iPhoto and Photo Booth, among all the other cool things Apple has to offer. Enjoy yours, and thank you for the support. Buon Anno anche a te :) Ciao bella.

  3. Hey Emily,

    Merry Christmas, and Happy HAppy new year to you all! HUGS! Diana , Devan Domenico and Nonna

  4. Yay. Can't wait to hear and see all about it!

  5. How do you make a living while living you dream?