Saturday, January 14, 2012

Culture in Treviso

Here is a great video I found about  my adopted city of Treviso. 
Learn more about where I live and the culture that I am so easily adjusting to. 
I hope this video gives you all the more reason to visit such a lovely, charming city. 

Hope to see you all soon in Treviso. Let me know if you are planning a visit anytime soon. Would love to meet with you and have a coffee, or better yet a glass of Prosecco. 



  1. Great piece - I really must visit!! I love Venice & Treviso looks great too!!

  2. Treviso is charming ~ I imagined something quite different. Can't wait to visit - my first stop will be Bifi for a Spritz!

  3. Great video introduction, it surely radiates Treviso atmosphere.