Sunday, January 22, 2012

Il Piave il Dicembre

Il Piave is a river that runs from the Alps and flows southeast for 137 miles (220km) into the Adriatic Sea near the city of Venice. 
With 137 miles of flowing water, there are many stops along the way to bathe or swim in the Summer time, or go for a hike in the Fall/Winter time. 

Many wars have been fought on the Piave. 

Battaglia del Solstizio 
 Battaglia di Mezzo Giugno
 Seconda Battaglia del Piave

If you are lucky enough you can find old weapons used in the wars/battles mentioned above. 

An interesting place to be to say the least. 

In the summer the Piave is full of people taking a dip to cool themselves from the hot, humid days. 
In the Winter you will find wild boars walking around, among other wild animals. 

Here are a few more photos of our trip to Il Piave in Dicembre

Couldn't have asked for a more Beautiful Winter Day ~ 

If you come for a visit be sure to visit Il Piave ~ 


  1. Your blogs are great history lessons! Love learning about your adopted country Em! Proud of you! You're doing a beautiful job here and many people have expressed to me that when they don't see frequent Inspired in Italy blogs, they truly miss them! Me too! Keep it up!! Love you!

  2. So cool! I remember sunbathing many many years ago in the Piave with my sister, well before any "kiddies" came along ! Beautiful photos, you are very talented. miss you guys!