Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bassano del Grappa

Bottega del Pane ~ 
 Bassano is known for their Ceramics and Art ~ Lamp shop 
 Loved these small shops ~ so colorful
Grappa, anyone?  
~Grappè, Miele, Funghi~

 Center of Bassano 
 The church of St. John the Baptist built in the 14th Century and restored in the 18th Century.
Love looking at old buildings ~ So much history in Italy ~ Amazes me 

 Divo Bassano Protectori ~ 

~ Il Bacio ~ 
 Perfect shot for a postcard? 
My brother and sister in law with Harley ~ 
 Marco and I on the world famous Bridge ~ 
 Il Bacio ~ 
 Can't forget to give Harley a kiss ~ 
 Harley and I ~ 
 Enjoy a glass of Grappa overlooking the Brenta River 
 This has probably got to be my favorite view from the Bridge ~ 
 Perfect time of day to take a few photos ~ 
 Golden ~ 
 The view from the other side of the bridge ~ 

Alpini Bridge ~ 
Can you see the Castle in the background? 
 A beautiful Spring like day :) 

A beautiful view of life ~ 

Sunday is my favorite day of the week.. Why? One reason, it's my only day off.. We usually have BIG family lunches at my Mother in laws home, then we usually pick a new city or town to explore. Last Sunday, we chose Bassano del Grappa. Bassano has been on my wish list for quite sometime. I was so happy to explore this beautiful, breathtaking, medieval town. 

Couldn't have picked a better day. Sunshine, twenty two degrees C. In other words, a Spring like day. 

 Sadly, this is another town that is overlooked by the tourists coming to Veneto Region ONLY to see Venice. Don't you guys see what your missing out on? Bassano is perfect for a day trip from Venice. 

I hope you all enjoy my photos and if you are traveling to Northern Italy this year, Veneto Region let me know, would love to explore the Veneto Region with you :) 


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Carnevale di Venezia

I returned just in time for this festive Venetian extravaganza that embodies European grace, mystery, history and glamour. 

This was my first time seeing the Carnevale di Venezia in person, and what a magical moment it was for me. Do you ever wonder about the people dressed up in Costumes, wonder if they are famous actors, or actresses? I do! And to look back at all the photos I took and to imagine life back in the 1100's? Wow, would be so cool to have a time machine to witness that, don't ya think? 


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Treviso by Night ~

Treviso is just as charming during the night as it is in the day. 
If you come to visit  North Italy, make sure Treviso is one of your places to visit. 
How could you not want to travel to this charming, quaint town also known to the locals as " CittĂ  d'acqua"