Saturday, February 25, 2012

Carnevale di Venezia

I returned just in time for this festive Venetian extravaganza that embodies European grace, mystery, history and glamour. 

This was my first time seeing the Carnevale di Venezia in person, and what a magical moment it was for me. Do you ever wonder about the people dressed up in Costumes, wonder if they are famous actors, or actresses? I do! And to look back at all the photos I took and to imagine life back in the 1100's? Wow, would be so cool to have a time machine to witness that, don't ya think? 



  1. Your colorful photos are lovely!

  2. Great capture of the event Em! Love looking at the costumes - so colorful.

  3. Wonderful Em! Thank you for sharing this magical event! I'm envious...but so happy that you are experiencing so many marvelous things.