Friday, February 3, 2012

Cioccolata Calda

In these past few days in Treviso, the weather has been freezing. As many of you may know the Cold Wave has definitely hit Italy. 

Being from California, I am not used to this kind of weather. Temperatures below freezing throughout the entire day. It doesn't seem to matter how many layers of clothes I put on; I am still cold. Many regions in Italy are experiencing  Heavy Snow and Ice, unfortunately there has not been a flake of snow in Treviso. 
Which I suppose, I should be thankful for ;however, I would love nothing more than to watch the snow fall from the inside of my warm home. 

We may not have Snow, Rain or Ice, but we definitely have WIND!!! I feel like I am back in the "Windy" City...( Cordelia, California) 

Nothing warms a soul up better than a mug of Hot Chocolate. If  you have never experienced an Italian  Cioccolata Calda, you are in for a surprise.

The Hot Chocolate is much different here in Italy. The best way to describe  Cioccolata Calda in Italy is to say it's  like drinking a cup of Chocolate pudding, quite thick, heavy, rich and sometimes bitter depending on which bar you go to. 

Add a dollop of home made panna also known as whip cream, and you are good to go. 

Enjoy and Stay warm :) 


  1. YUM! Sounds good on a cold windy winter day!

  2. It is delicious, Mom! I will bring you back some to try in September :)

  3. Not a fan of chocolate, but it sounds lovely! Gotta love the reference to the "windy city"

  4. I came across your blog via the IRG FB group and am delighted to have found you, now following via GFC so that we can keep in touch. I am also an ex-pat blogger in Italy.:)
    Some hot chocolate is just what I need, still bitterly cold here in Lazio, with more snow forecast!