Sunday, February 5, 2012


One of my favorite dishes year round is Risotto. 
Risotto can be enjoyed in all four seasons and with every season there is something different to pair Risotto with. 

In the Spring ~ Risotto con brunscandoli. Bruscandoli is a wild herb found along the creek beds. 
Another great Spring dish is Risotto con Zucchini. If you are a seafood lover, add some prawns with the Zucchini 

Risotto con Zucchini 

In the Summer, enjoy Risotto Allo Scoglio. Allo Scoglio is good for the Summer as its a variety of Seafood, for example ~ Clams, Prawns, Mussels, Calamari ect... 
This dish is for the Seafood Lovers Soul :) 

In the Fall ~ Risotto con funghi. Wild Mushroom season is in the Fall. This is one of my favorite Risotto dishes. I love risotto with Chiodini Mushrooms. Yum! If you don't have access to buying wild mushrooms a packet of dried Porcini mushrooms will be just  fine. Sprinkle a little parsley and formaggio on top and dig in. 

Another dish for the Fall would be Risotto with Pumpkin. Delicious. 

Risotto con porcini funghi 
Che buono

In the Winter ~ Risotto con Radicchio  di Treviso is another favorite of mine. Warms my soul like no other. Add Red wine to make the color of the Risotto the same as the Radicchio di Treviso. Add Radicchio di Treviso on the top of the finished plate for a beautiful presentation. If you like, you can add Salsiccia for more hearty, rich dish. 

Risotto con Radicchio di Treviso

These Recipes will be in my cookbook coming out soon. 
Buon Appetito 

I would love to know what your favorite Risotto dish is. Please share in the comment section :) 



  1. Well I'll anxiously await Marco's Risotto. I've never tried Risotto and the dishes above look YUMMY! Can't wait!

    1. You did have Seafood Risotto two Christmas's ago, remember? Well, if you could chose something what would you choose? Thanks for posting a comment :) xo

  2. See how I am? Old and forgetful. I would choose the Seafood Risotto again (even though I don't remember - I am sure it was delicious!) -- second would be mushroom risotto! XOXO

  3. Just came to check out your simplified layout and it looks awesome! Just wanted to let you know. Just make your pictures bigger and you will be set! xoxo