Sunday, March 4, 2012


Tanti Auguri Silvana!!! 

 Mmmm, this Chocolate Cake was delicious. 
 67 years young :) 
 Group photo ~ Roby, Gigi, Silvana, Marco and Adry :) 
 Take one :) Papà Gigi sure is a character :) 
 Birthday girl, my Mother in law Silvana with Papà Gigi :) Love this photo of her. What a beautiful smile she has ~ 
 Harley, getting some love from Roby and Adry :) 
 Beautiful Red Roses for the Birthday girl :) 
Geraniums too :) Spring must be right around the corner ~ 

What a beautiful day we had celebrating my mother in laws 67th Birthday. Here is an interesting story about when Silvana was born. 

Silvana was born on March 4th, 1945; however, on her birth certificate it states she was born on March 7th, 1945. She was born during the time of WWII and her father couldn't make it in time to the commune to sign the paperwork on March 4th due to the bombings and the fightings. He was able to go on March 7th, 1945. And at the commune, when you file or state when your daughter or son is born, it must  be on the exact date of when your child is born. Therefore, he had to put March 7th when in fact she was born 3 days earlier.. I thought that was an interesting story, and I hope you do too ;) 



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  2. Happy Birthday Silvana!
    Nice pictures, nice story, and you are right Em ~ a beautiful smile too!