Thursday, April 19, 2012

An adventure in Padova

An adventure in Padova 

We had an appointment at the University of Padova in the late afternoon, so we were able to spend an hour or so  exploring downtown Padova. Padova is not far from Treviso ~ about a 40 minute car ride on the autostrade or in English "highway". 

A few things Padova is known for : 

Padova is home to Prato della Valle, which is the largest square in Italy and one of the largest in all of Europe. 

Padova claims to be the oldest city in Northern Italy. 
It was founded in 1183 BC 

It hosts the renowned University of Padova which is over 800 years old. 

1 of 78 statues along the Prato della Valle 

A beautiful building ~ Love the colors and the texture. 

Another statue of a famous citizen created in the late 18th Century by none other than Andrea Memmo. 

Harley, enjoying a run among one of the largest squares in Europe. 

Couldn't have picked a better day to explore Padova ~ Just gorgeous outside ~ 

To jump in? Or not to jump in? That is the question ~ 
Harley, taking a break by the fountain after chasing the birds. 
A beautiful Spring day :) 
~ Prato della Valle ~
Do you notice anything different about this building? 
I should have zoomed in with my camera.. Notice the frescoes on the outside of the building as well as under the archways.. 

What an interesting lamp post.. Adorned with dragons.. Not sure what the meaning of the dragons are. If you know, feel free to comment :) 
Harley doing what he does best ~ 

What a great action shot of Harley ~ 
Side view of what locals simply call Il Santo ~ 
Donatello's magnificent equestrian statue of the Venetian General Gattamelata aka "Honey Cat" was completed in 1450. 

Harley and I posing in front of "Il Santo" in Padova ~ 
Love the cobble stone roads in the center ~ however, not so much when I am wearing heels ;) 

Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padova ~ Construction began around 1232, just one year after Saint Anthony had died and was completed in 1301. 

Amazing architectural design 
Beautiful statue made out of  gold ~ 



  1. Bellissima città!!
    Brava Emily :-)

  2. I sure do enjoy your blogs Em ~ so colorful and full of history ~ Thanks for sharing. Great pictures!
    Harley sure gets his exercise!

  3. Em, fantastic pictures. Looks like such a beautiful place. Love the pictures of your Pup too. Thanks for sharing. Mark Shore

  4. Beautiful city...thanks for sharing so much interesting information, art and architecture. I took several semesters of art history in college and majored in Medieval European History so I am very envious of you my dear.