Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Col. San Martino Prosecco Festival

April is the month for Italian festivals.. 

On one Sunday in April, I went to the Col. San Martino 56 annual Prosecco festival in the Veneto Region. 

What could possibly be better than going to a festival about Prosecco? Nothing. The Prosecco was refreshing, and the food was amazing. Best of all, it was totally affordable. 

 Me enjoying my glass of Prosecco with Sopressa, Salami, and freshly made bread. 

 The festival was held inside of an old restored villa... Look at the wood ceilings!

 Sopressa, Cheese, Bread, and vino all under 13 Euros. 

 A close up of the Sopressa I throughly enjoyed. 

 Harley, wanting to try some too :) 
 Begging for more ~ 
 Porchetta, Prosciutto, Sopressa, and Cheese all products made in Veneto Region 
 These 3 lovely ladies were in charge of giving out the wine glasses 
 Another area to sit and enjoy your glass of wine 
 The courtyard ~ Full of people. The rainy weather didn't stop anyone from enjoying a glass of Prosecco. 
 I LOVE this photo! I love seeing flowers hanging from balconies ~ This photo just speaks ITALY. 
 These young ladies were selling the vino ~ Not much left from the shelves... 
Another cantina full of Prosecco ~ 
 Harley, ME, Roby (my brother in law) and Adriana ( sis in law) 
 Marco, Harley and I ~ 
 Beautiful view from outside the festival doors ~ 
Harley enjoyed the Prosecco Festival too :) 

All in all, I had a lovely time sampling the varieties of Prosecco.. This was one of many festivals about wine. I hope to attend more before Spring is over.. 


  1. Very nice Em! Love the view outside the festival doors and the food looks delicious!

  2. I am a prosecco fan too Emily. Your photos are great - I love the cantina one, the food ones and the flower photo that just 'speaks' Italy!

  3. Thanks so much, Mom and Cathy :) Next Spring you both will have to come for a visit and sample some Prosecco :) xoxo