Monday, April 23, 2012


Sunday morning, we went to the Festa dei Osei in other words, Festival of Birds in Varago, Maserada Sul Piave. 

First time for me.. So many different kinds of birds. I can only hope that people bought the variety of birds for show and not for eating. As to me, most of them seemed like "pets". 

No one really knows.. Anyhow, I had fun exploring this small festival of birds of all sorts.. 

A beautiful pair of Pigeons. Never seen white with identical coloring before. 

These pigeons were HUGE. I've never seen a pigeon so BIG before... 
Harley, sporting his new rain jacket :) Ti piace? 

I think these ones were for show... 
I loved the colors of these two.. And look, she even layed an egg! 

101 Ducks... oh my! 
I never knew there were so many different breeds of Ducks.. 
This little guy/girl was my favorite. So colorful. 
A pair of Black Swans.. So pretty.. Black swans seem so mysterious to me.. 
I have no idea what these two are.. If you know, please comment! I love their green beaks.. 

He is quite fancy, wouldn't you say? 
This man was selling Rabbits... 

Have you ever seen a white peacock before? Me neither :) Beautiful. 

I love owls... 

Not sure what this little guy is either.. So, if you are a bird expert, please leave a comment and let me know! 
Golden eagle? Not sure... 
This one is my favorite.. He was starring at me.. 
I would have loved to learn about these three different species, unfortunately the language barrier stopped that from happening, and I could have taken a photo with all three or simply one for free, unfortunately my fear stopped me. If I have the chance again, next time, I won't let the fear or the language barrier stop me. 



  1. The owl is a "Great Horned Owl"
    We have a whole family living next to us.

  2. I'm still stumped on the species of falcon that's staring at you. It looks to be a cross between an immature Glyfalcon and a Merlin.

    The one you think might be a Golden Eagle looks a bit too small. It does look to be an of an Eagle species.

  3. The Harley species seems to be a bird of a different feather all together. However, the rain coat is a nice addition. ;)

  4. It appears the man selling rabbits went to the wrong festival. ;) xo Lorenzo

  5. That "anonymous" must be my husband? Sure sounds like him. Nice pictures Em -- pretty birds!

  6. Hahaha, you are right.. What was the man who sold Rabbits doing at the Festival of Birds :) Too funny!! Thanks for the help LB and thank you, Mom, for the compliments.. xoxo

  7. Wonderfull owls , great eagle.