Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Italian Pastries

Italian Pastries how I love thee.. 

On Sunday afternoon, we went to visit my in laws and brought over some "dolce" 
After lunch and after dinner its usual to eat these goodies with a nice glass of Prosecco. 

Its usual to bring over some kind of dolce when visiting family or friends. 

I unfortunately don't know the exact names of these sweets but I will do my best to describe them. 

And what a bargin 26 individual and hand made pastries for under 8 euros. 

3rd from Left are little Tiramisu cupcakes ( my favorite) 4th from Left are tarts filled with cream or custard and fruit on top. 5th from Left are pastries topped with chocolate, and lastly, pastries filled with cream.

Of course as my father in law says " You can't forget the Vino" In this case, we didn't have Prosecco, so we drank a sweet red wine to go with our dessert. 


If you know the names of the pastries in Italian please leave a comment and let me know :) 
Would greatly appreciate it. 




  1. I wouldn't be able to eat just one! Nice sampler!

    1. Ah I didn't Mom, I am guilty of far more :) LOL

  2. I always called them generally speaking "Paste" (if bigger) or "pasticcini" (when smaller) but in English is more likely only Pastry. Regarding your description above, the pastries topped with chocolate are called "Bigné al cioccolato", the pastries filled with cream are "Cannoli alla crema pasticciera" and the fruity ones are "Crostatine di frutta con crema pasticcera" but whatever is filled either with cream, chocolate cream, nut based creams (pistacchio, hazelnut) and so on you can call them Bigné. Enjoy them!

  3. Grazie mille Fabio!! What is your favorite "Paste"?
    I wasn't able to eat just one, Mom, haha!! How could I resist? xoxo