Monday, July 2, 2012

Gorgazzo ~ a hidden treasure

I found it only fitting to go back to the first place I visited one year ago, for my one year anniversary of surviving in Italia :) 

A hidden treasure nestled in the hills of Northern Italy lies the quaint, charming village of 

 Love the different color buildings... Reds and yellows.
 A Cobblestone wall with overflowing vines of Ivy ~ 

 Just around the river bend...
 A goose resting peacefully under the shade, that is UNTIL Harley noticed it... 

No longer resting peacefully in the shade ~ Harley chased it to the other side ~
 Not sure what kind of flower this is... Anyone?

 A peaceful stream surrounded by a wooden forest  ~ 

"Take the emerald colour, the turquoise and the beryl ones, cast them into a bath of lapis-lazuli, so that everything meets and, at the same time, each of them keeps its own originality and you will get that part of liquid sky named Gorgazzo."

These words were written by Geographer Giovanni Marinelli in 1877 about the Springs of Gorgazzo.. 

 Enjoyed a Spritz while taking in not only the beautiful views, but the memories...

A Japanese Maple ~ 

 Harley, had a friendly follower... 
 Gorgazzo River ~ 

 Hmmm..... Where are we???

 Fresh Honey, anyone?? 

June 30th, 2011 ~ 

From left to right 
Adriana, Roberto, Marco and I ~ One year ago ~ Not much has changed in Gorgazzo Springs; however, I can happily say so much has changed in the first year of my new life in Italy ~ 



  1. I think you've adjusted quite well in one year. Love the pictures and comments Em ~ very nicely done!

  2. Thanks Mom ~ I sure hope so :) love you