Sunday, July 15, 2012

Malga "Coda di bosco" dal Titti

Last Sunday afternoon, Marco wanted to take me to one of his favorite Malga's.

In the olden days a "malga" was a place in the mountains and sometimes hills where the 
"pastori" ( shepherds)  produced the cheese and  now in the present not only do they produce the cheese but they also sell it along with Salami and Sopressa.. And if you are lucky, most "Malga's" will make you a panini if you ask nicely :) 

 This charming Malga is nestled in the forest of Cansiglio. Beautiful, ride up through the curves and twists of the mountains roads on a sunny summer day. 

When we arrived to the left of the Malga; I found three older men playing cards, and to the right I found "Nonna" peeling a bucket of potatoes. Greeting us, I found 2 gigantic, friendly dogs.. 

Upon entering, I was introduced to the lovely owner and wife of one of the men whom was outside playing cards ~ 

We sampled 10 different types of homemade cheeses; both fresh and aged with bread and a glass of Prosecco. After, we had a cafe with grappa homemade ~

We took home 4 different types of Cheeses. A mixture of fresh, aged, and semi aged all for 25 euros. You certainly can't beat the prices here in Italy for amazing cheese. 

Please enjoy the photos :) 


Here is the owner in her kitchen cutting our cheese 
I only remember the name of the  purple cheese which is called Ubriaco ( Drunken Cheese) 

Reminds me of PacMan... Hahaha
These are the three different cheeses we took home ~ 

I couldn't help but not take photos of the decoration inside and outside of this charming Malga ~ 

Loved the wood floors, wood ceilings, wood tables ~ 

Tables to dine ~ Yes, that is a wooden shoe hanging from the ceiling... 

Homemade white wine, anyone? 

No, how about some vino nero? Us "Americans" say red wine, but in Italy the translation is Black wine... 

Harley, enjoying himself ~ 
Love, love seeing flowers on a windowsill ~ so pretty 
one of the gentle giants ~ 

Stepping outside the Malga is this beautiful view ~ Nice ponies 
and of course donkey's ~ 

Friendly donkeys "asino" in Italian 
He wasn't camera shy at all ~ 
In fact, I think he LOVED the camera :) 

The other gentle giant taking a nap ~ 
Time for a cafe with grappa ~ and check out how they serve the sugar, in an old wooden bowl 

After visiting, I will be sure to come back again soon. As the cheese was amazing and so was the company  ~ 



  1. Nice Em. Very pretty scenery and the cheeses look delicious. Love that you share with us your adventures in Italy!

  2. So nice Emily! I'm sure you had a great time and have seen things you never have before! Even this is Italy !

  3. wow that sounds soooo yummy, and makes me miss Italy so much more! So glad you guys are having a great summer! Chat soon!
    miss you !

  4. Thanks ladies ~ Italy never ceases to amaze me :) xoxo