Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Castle of San Salvatore

On our way back from getting new brakes for the Harley earlier this afternoon; we stopped at The Castle of  San Salvatore in Susegana. 

Susegana is in the Veneto Region located about 45km (28miles) North of Venice and 20 km (12miles) North of Treviso. 

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't the greatest. Felt like a fall day ~ Winds picked up, grey and black clouds filled the sky and water was falling from the sky!! Quite a nice break from the heat and humidity, but not the best when by motorcycle. 

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the photos ~


 You can see how fast the clouds moved in from the following next two shots ~ 

 The view from the top of the Castle ~ Grapes, and Olive trees on the left ~ 
 SHEEP!! Every time we come up here on the motorcycle, I see this heard of sheep.. They aren't a fan of how loud our Harley is, so this time I stopped before to take a photo, but they started to get up anyways.. I felt kinda bad when they left ~ 
 Ciao Pecora ( sheep ) 

Donkeys!! Asino ~ I adore the white one. I don't think I've ever seen an all white Donkey~ 
Random thought, yes, I know ~ 

 Veneto region is ONE of the top regions for Vino ~ 

Here is a photo of the Castle from the back.. I've been up here twice, and both times the Castle dorrs have been drawn and unavailable. I would love to explore the inside sometime in the future.

It amazes me that a building built in 1323 is still standing even after a World War nearly destroyed it, simply amazing. 

A villa surrounded by vineyards on the way down from the Castle ~ 

Here is a short clip I took.. I didn't edit the noise of the wind because I wanted you to hear also the sound of our motorcycle ~ :) 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A nightly stroll in Treviso ~

The weather had finally cooled off at around 930pm, so I decided to go for a night walk in my "adopted" city.. 

Treviso is just as charming at night as it is in the day.. 

I love flowers on a windowsill ~ 
This particular building has been restored ~ and caught my eye.. Love the arch.

Can you see the frescos on the wall? 
Heres a better angle ~ 
A piece of art at the end of narrow street 

The architecture  never ceases to amaze me ~ look at the different styles and textures of each building.. 

All that is left of a fresco ~ simply beautiful 
A lovely building that caught my eye yet again.. Love the white balcony ~ 

This is probably one of my favorite places to sit and ponder about life ~ 
Do you notice the church tower ? 

One of the great things about this charming city in Summer; is by 9pm the streets are empty, and you can truly enjoy this quaint, historic city without the hustle and bustle of people and cars. 


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fontana delle Tette

The fountain of tits was built in 1559.
 In honor of each new mayor the fountain would spew red and white wine for three whole days. 
The citizens could drink the wine for free for the entire three days. 

The translation from the plaque up above states : 

It's early, and so he described Calmaggiore Sernagiotto Matthew (1810-1888): ... lovely lady over the marble basin marina with both hands was spremendosi the swollen breasts, and two living fountains of crystal clear water, thanks to industrious contraption with wheels, removed to the nearby Cagnano, offering plenty of liquor houses and shops nearby. Alvise Da Ponte judge, following an extraordinary drought, built in 1559, and from that time until the fall of the Venetian republic, every year for three consecutive days, to celebrate the entry of a new mayor, the fountain poured from one Stern undiluted white wine, black and the other, for the joy of the people cheering ... It was rebuilt in 1989. 

One of the many interesting things to see in Treviso :) 

Monday, August 6, 2012

An Italian Wedding ~

~ A year ago today, I married my best friend ~ 

I wanted to film my wedding for my family and friends back home in California. 

I find it only fitting that I share my wedding with all of my new lovely friends as today we celebrate our 1st Wedding Anniversary. 

We were married in a Palace in the heart of downtown Treviso.. It was as magical as it sounds.. 

My sister in law Adriana was Marco's witness, and my brother in law Roby was my witness.. Marica was my translator for the ceremony. A great job she did. 

Hope you enjoy