Monday, August 6, 2012

An Italian Wedding ~

~ A year ago today, I married my best friend ~ 

I wanted to film my wedding for my family and friends back home in California. 

I find it only fitting that I share my wedding with all of my new lovely friends as today we celebrate our 1st Wedding Anniversary. 

We were married in a Palace in the heart of downtown Treviso.. It was as magical as it sounds.. 

My sister in law Adriana was Marco's witness, and my brother in law Roby was my witness.. Marica was my translator for the ceremony. A great job she did. 

Hope you enjoy 



  1. Lovely wedding and BEAUTIFUL bride!!

  2. Thanks so much Sally!! It was a great day ~ I was a bit nervous in the beginning :) hugs

  3. I will never forget how excited I was to see this video since I couldn't be there in person. Still exciting!

    1. You were there, Mom! I had you everywhere, heart, mind, body, soul!!! Love you!! Marco and I can have a reception when we come back to visit :) love you