Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fontana delle Tette

The fountain of tits was built in 1559.
 In honor of each new mayor the fountain would spew red and white wine for three whole days. 
The citizens could drink the wine for free for the entire three days. 

The translation from the plaque up above states : 

It's early, and so he described Calmaggiore Sernagiotto Matthew (1810-1888): ... lovely lady over the marble basin marina with both hands was spremendosi the swollen breasts, and two living fountains of crystal clear water, thanks to industrious contraption with wheels, removed to the nearby Cagnano, offering plenty of liquor houses and shops nearby. Alvise Da Ponte judge, following an extraordinary drought, built in 1559, and from that time until the fall of the Venetian republic, every year for three consecutive days, to celebrate the entry of a new mayor, the fountain poured from one Stern undiluted white wine, black and the other, for the joy of the people cheering ... It was rebuilt in 1989. 

One of the many interesting things to see in Treviso :) 


  1. Fascinating story ~ thanks for translating and sharing!

  2. Two good reasons to drink wine.....