Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Castle of San Salvatore

On our way back from getting new brakes for the Harley earlier this afternoon; we stopped at The Castle of  San Salvatore in Susegana. 

Susegana is in the Veneto Region located about 45km (28miles) North of Venice and 20 km (12miles) North of Treviso. 

Unfortunately, the weather wasn't the greatest. Felt like a fall day ~ Winds picked up, grey and black clouds filled the sky and water was falling from the sky!! Quite a nice break from the heat and humidity, but not the best when by motorcycle. 

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the photos ~


 You can see how fast the clouds moved in from the following next two shots ~ 

 The view from the top of the Castle ~ Grapes, and Olive trees on the left ~ 
 SHEEP!! Every time we come up here on the motorcycle, I see this heard of sheep.. They aren't a fan of how loud our Harley is, so this time I stopped before to take a photo, but they started to get up anyways.. I felt kinda bad when they left ~ 
 Ciao Pecora ( sheep ) 

Donkeys!! Asino ~ I adore the white one. I don't think I've ever seen an all white Donkey~ 
Random thought, yes, I know ~ 

 Veneto region is ONE of the top regions for Vino ~ 

Here is a photo of the Castle from the back.. I've been up here twice, and both times the Castle dorrs have been drawn and unavailable. I would love to explore the inside sometime in the future.

It amazes me that a building built in 1323 is still standing even after a World War nearly destroyed it, simply amazing. 

A villa surrounded by vineyards on the way down from the Castle ~ 

Here is a short clip I took.. I didn't edit the noise of the wind because I wanted you to hear also the sound of our motorcycle ~ :) 


  1. The Collalto family is still living there, that's way is not open for visitors...I heard that in the second Sunday of the week, in the warm season, there is a visit with a guide, but I don't have so much time and I didn't ask more informations...I wiil try to find somethig more for you and let you know :)

  2. Thanks for sharing Em ~ makes me feel like I'm (almost) there!! Beautiful scenery - beautiful pictures!