Thursday, September 6, 2012

An afternoon in the Montello ~

An afternoon spent in the montello at a friends winery. . . 

First, I should tell you all that the ride up wasn't as smooth as I had imagined. Driving in Italy really is a challenge.. Missi, my friend was driving us up the steep hill, when all of a sudden the car stalled, and here we were in the middle of the climb and the car stalled.. Nothing like being stuck on a hill with a stick shift.. Surprisingly the people behind us, understood us in a sense, and didn't dare blare their horn or yell at us! 

To say the least , I was ready for a glass of vino :) 

One of the many beautiful views from the villa 

 Vettorel ~ Amazing Cabernet ~ email me if interested in buying one or twelve. 
 Harley enjoying himself amongst the vineyards ~ 
 Nicola ~ our friend and winemaker focused on his work ;) 
 Four different kinds of Cheese, Sollocosto, Sopressa, Fresh homemade bread, and vino
 Nicola wasn't so impressed with the sunset from last night, but I sure was . . . 
 I can only imagine what beauty he sees living here... sunrises and sunsets... 
 I think Harley was in heaven yesterday ~ 
 This is from the lawn ~ look at the view you have of all the smaller towns and villages...
 On a clear day, you can see as far as Venice ~ 

 Missi, my roommate and friend :) 
 Missi admiring the Prosecco grapes ~ 

 What a beautiful home 
 more grapes ~ will be a lot of work to harvest! 
 This is a bottle of wine that Nicola's cousin gave to him. Nicola's cousin is the owner of this winery in Napa, California. Pretty cool! 
Earlier in the afternoon, Nicola was showing us how he has to clean and disinfect the cantina's before the harvest! And yes, he sometimes, actually has to climb inside.. What a sport he was to show us :) 

And lastly a photo of me :) This will be my "office" for the next couple of days!! Looking forward to learning the process of making wine!! 



  1. Great photos Em ~ excited for you!!

  2. Cool Photos Emerz.......was Harley pickin' grapes out there?


  3. I loved the pictures and especially the sunset. They where beautiful!