Tuesday, September 11, 2012

An afternoon spent harvesting grapes

Hi everyone!! Last Thursday I spent my afternoon harvesting grapes.. 

If some of you don't know, I am doing a blog about making wine. I have a dear friend who has his own winery in the Montello : http://www.vettorel.it and he is nice enough to let me follow him around during the  months of September and October.. 

Here is just a sneak peek of my first day on the job.. 
By the way, it is a really, really hard job.. I have to admit, after two hours of work, I was exhausted..

Our "capo" for the afternoon

Can you see the look of worry on my face... haha, wasn't sure what to expect...

A new pair of clippers just for me :) 

How many buckets does it take to fill up a truck?? Too many.. =) 

We celebrated the end of work with a cup of homemade wine ~ 

 Cheers to our first afternoon harvesting grapes ~ 


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  1. Love it!! Looks like a wonderful adventure! Thanks for sharing Em!