Saturday, March 16, 2013

Vintage ~

There are many antique or vintage shops around Veneto but none of them have particularly caught my attention except of course until I walked into this one. It was like walking into "Old America"

It's nice and humbling to see that Old and New American items are so popular here in Italy. There is quite a demand for things that maybe we take for granted. 

A pair of old, used Levi's? Sure, only will cost you 70 euros.. 

Are you in the market to purchase old American military items? Look no further! 

Love the display ~ 

Love the old tin goods 
Patriotic cookie cutters, anyone?? 
I remember my grandparents collection of silver spoons of every state.Brought back a lot of memories for me.

Vinyl Record player and oh Chicago! 
Duck decoys ~ Had to take this photo for my Dad who probably has a few duck decoys himself...

Only 10cents for a Tom's Delicious sandwhich or Tom's roasted peanuts!! 
An old rolex? Took this one for my brother who is an amazing photographer

And last but not least ~ Clippings from old newspapers or magazines. Only 50 euros for a large clipping and 35 euros for small ~ 

All in all it was a beautiful, old, vintage shop to look through and reminiscence  Maybe, even a couple of business ideas :) 


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