Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fill-er up, please. . .

Not only do we buy our produce and meats locally but also our vino! 
The quality is so much better than store bought wine and you can't beat the price either. 

Here is a local cantina in town where we buy our wine. 

I took a few photos to share with you. 

Why America doesn't have something like this is beyond me! 

If you would like to taste some of the wines before you purchase it feel free and have some fresh baked "pane" while you are at it :) 

Salami, Sopressa or Cotechino anyone?
Let the fun begin! How cool is this???! 

Choose which type of vino you would like and she will filler up! 
Pretty wine barrels with art designs on them ~ 

Just how much does wine cost in a local cantina? Glera which is a Prosecco is 1.10 euro per liter. So lets do the math. 3 L = a gallon right? 3.30 for a gallon of Prosecco! Did I mention its home made?!

If you are in a hurry or if you are buying some wine for a friend you can also buy it bottled and ready to go. 
Italian vineyards in April ~ 
Spring is just around the corner. . . Hopefully, it is Spring already but here in the North of Italy its more like a repeat of Winter. But seeing these flowers give me hope :) 
A retired bicycle put to good use ~ 



I've been living in Italy for almost two years now and one thing for certain I've learned is that the Italian Food is amazingly delicious and quite simple to make. . 

Fresh ingredients and nothing ever processed. There are of course processed foods but not nearly as many items to chose from as in America. 

And who wants processed anyways?? When you can have fresh from the ground! 

Down below is a photo of our dinner two nights ago. 

Homemade Salami that we always buy from a local farmer in the area with homemade polenta. 
( As most of my readers know, I am pregnant and so therefore am not able to eat Salami and don't worry, I didn't I chose the fresh cucumbers and tomatoes instead) 

Fresh cucumbers and tomatoes dressed with only three ingredients!! Olive oil, white vinegar and salt. 
So simple and refreshing!!! 

Surely using simple and fresh ingredients you too, can prepare and cook like the Italians do wherever you are in this beautiful world.