Friday, November 22, 2013

9 days in Italy : Monday ~ Bassano del Grappa

My family came to visit me back in September for 9 days. We had a full schedule of places to visit in Veneto region in just 9 days. First day, we all discovered Bassano del Grappa. 

By far is one of my favorite towns in Italy. 

Here are some photos from our day. 

 A beautiful fresco 
 This is probably one of my favorite photos! Love the flowers on the balcony.
 Doing what Italians do best… Apertivo time ~ 4 glasses of Prosecco, please! 
From Left - me, my hubby Marco, my brother Randy and my Step -dad Lorenzo. 
Ceramic shop 

After a long walk discovering this charming city we had to stop for Bruschetta.. 

 Post card perfect ~ 
 My mom, me and Luca James ~ notice his feet. haha! He was hungry. 
 My brother, the photographer :) 
 And if you didn't know.. This is where the Grappa is made.. 
Window shopping.. 

yours truly :) 

 One of the main squares… 
 On the way home..

Our personal tour guide and Harley, our mini poodle.. 

 I was so happy to have my family with me again.. 
 brother in laws deep in conversation.. Notice Marco's hands.. 
Walking on the Alpini Bridge 
 Mother/Son photo in Bassano 

 One of my favorite homes in Bassano ~ 

 One of my favorites that my brother captured perfectly. Daily life in Italy. 


You can find some of these photos that my brother who is also a professional photographer at : 

Check out more of his trip to Italy on his website too :) 

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  1. Brings back such wonderful memories of the most special time in my life!