Inspired in Veneto

The idea of offering cooking classes came from my wife while watching me cook every day, arousing her curiosity and passion for cooking. She suddenly told me once, that I would have made a lot of women very happy in the United States, if they only had a book of my recipes.
Said and done, we're ready to start !

We would be happy to sadisfy and fulfil your evenings with family or friends with some tastings or with a full chosen theme dinner menu, obviously Italian style, that we can decide together selecting it from our photo album.

The area in which I live, Treviso, still offers genuine produce but only available at a few places in the countryside that still raise livestock and vegetables using traditional methods. I assure you that the products are not even remotely comparable to those on the market. Unfortunately we have to adapt ourselves by buying what the market offers respecting the seasonality of the products.

I propose extremely simple dishes starting from the recipe up to the implementation. In my opinion, a very elaborated dish doesn't necessarily taste better than a simple dish. Anyway, passion and imagination makes sure that you don't ever throw away anything from your refrigerator and pantry.

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